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Introducing the Medtech[y] Medical Sales Job Board

Posted on February 08, 2018 by Medtech[y] Staff

Today we are launching the new Medtech[y] Job Board.

Since the start, our goal has been to launch a medical sales job board that gives Job Seekers and Employers/Recruiters an easy way to connect, and we think we’ve built that solution.

Who is it for?

All medical sales professionals, including Employers and Recruiters in the medical sales universe.

What can the Medtech[y] Job Board do?

Job Seekers

The Medtech[y] Job Board allows medical sales professionals to create a free profile and apply for jobs free of charge.

One thing will always remain true on our site: Job seekers will never have to pay to find a job. We don’t believe it’s right to charge someone to find a job.

Once a candidate creates their free profile with an easy LinkedIn profile creator, they will have the ability to allow employers to see their profile or it can remain anonymous. This way, you can sign up for a free account even if you are not currently in the job market. 

Job Seeker Login
Medtechy Job Board

Is it private? Yep, we've got you covered. Similar to our message boards, we take our users privacy seriously.

Once you create a profile on the Medtech[y] Job Board, you can easily make it private by clicking on a button as shown in the image below.

Medtechy Jobs Privacy
Medtechy Job Board -- Easy to make profile private

Head over to our job listings page and create a free account

Employers and Recruiters

Discover qualified candidates to fill your open positions on Medtech[y].

The Medtech[y] Job Board allows you to leverage our engaged audience of thousands of medial sales professionals each month to help you get your job vacancies filled. Jobs posted on the Medtech[y] Job Board will be visible on the Medtech[y] network including the website, newsletters and social channels.

Here is a sample of job categories that we will start with on the Medtech[y] Job Board. If you have additional category suggestions, just reach out and we would be happy to add them for you.

  • Biotech Sales Jobs
  • Capital Equipment Sales
  • Dental Sales Jobs
  • Healthcare IT Sales
  • Healthcare Software Sales
  • Medical Device Sales
  • Medical Disposable Jobs
  • Medical Service Jobs
  • Pharmaceutical Sales Jobs

Similar to Job Seekers, Employers and Recruiters can setup a free account so Job Seekers can browse your openings. 

Head over and sign up for a free account here.


We have priced our jobs at a very competitive price compared to other platforms in the industry. While our premium jobs are just starting out, we have the unique ability to use the leverage of our monthly user base of medical sales professionals to help you fill your opening. Tens of thousands (and growing) of medical sales professionals visit Medtech[y] each month. 

Even if you do not have jobs to post at this time, feel free to setup an Employer/Recruiter account to make it easier once you have placements to post on the site.

We look forward to helping job seekers find the right medical sales jobs and we are excited to work closely with employers and recruiters to align them with great medical sales professionals.

The Medtech[y] Team