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Free Job Postings on Medtechy Jobs Until 2019

Posted on September 18, 2018 by Medtech[y] Staff

In an effort to provide the most valuable experience for job seekers and the companies and recruiters providing opportunities on Medtechy Jobs, we have decided to offer free job postings through the remainder of 2018. 


Medtechy has been consistently growing and evolving over the last three years and we are focused on the future of the platform and how we can help companies and recruiters find the most relevant talent in the medical sales industry.

We are deeply committed to our recruiting platform, and with our core competency in medical sales, there is a place for Medtechy Jobs as we can compliment your other recruiting efforts. There isn't one platform that works these days. We give recruiters and companies the opportunity to broaden their reach. 

Why give Medtechy Jobs a Try?

1. We are offering to help market your openings for free. There’s no catch. Our goal is to help our recruiting partners place candidates and show them how easy our site is to use.

2. Aside from the free postings, each recruiter and company get a free homepage on our site. Again, this is free marketing for your business and we expect nothing in return.

3. Medtechy already attracts over 20k visitors each month from the medical device, pharma, biotech and dental industries. We will market each of your openings for free on our homepage, social media channels and in our newsletter. 

4. Job Seekers have the ability to search for jobs anonymously on Medtechy Jobs. While LinkedIn is an amazing platform, we 100% focus on the industry we are experts in and attract employees looking for the latest news and conversations in medical technology. These visitors will naturally be interested in finding the best jobs that these industries have to offer. 

How Can We Post Free Jobs? 

Head over to Medtechy Jobs and create a profile in 30 seconds with our simple LinkedIn integration. Once your profile is created, you can then begin posting a position.

When posting a position, use the coupon code, ‘MEDTECHY’ at checkout and your position will be free. Once posted, we will immediately start marketing them for you.

*While we are offering free job postings, this will not include positions with Zip Recruiter distribution. Those postings average $75 and have been extremely successful in quickly finding candidates. Additionally, our prices are very competitive for ZipRecruiter distribution and all of our marketing efforts are included in ZipRecruiter positions. If you have not tried our paid listings, feel free to give them a try as they are very economically competitive and are seen by thousands of candidates. 


 If you have any questions about Medtechy Jobs, or need help posting positions, please feel free to reach out to us at