'Bad Blood' Highlights Greed and Deception at Theranos

Posted on May 24, 2018 by Medtech[y] Staff

The story of Theranos is so mind-blowing that you are left wondering how it even happened. For example, how did Theranos raise $1.37B in 10 rounds of financing without having a product that did what they promised it would do? 

How could the company fool investors and customers for so long?

Well, that's exactly what the one-time Silicon Valley darling did for years until John Carreyrou of the WSJ, wrote a scathing piece in 2015 detailing the company's struggles and fraudulent activity. Most recently, Carreyrou was on 60 Minutes discussing the company and promoting his new book, 'Bad Blood.' 

Was the romance of a Silicon Valley startup so alluring that it prevented most investors and the media to properly see the reality? Carreyrou's investigative reporting likely led to thousands of patients being saved from a company who clearly didn't care about their well-being. 

Duped employees. 

Duped investors. 

Other than the greed and narcissism of Elizabeth Holmes, why was all of this necessary?

These questions and intrigue are why we went out and purchased 'Bad Blood.'

So far, it is fantastic. Perfect reading to start off this holiday weekend.

Checkout the link if you want to grab a copy on Kindle or paperback. 

We will do a proper review once we've finished the book.