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Titan Medical Initiates Human Factor Studies for the SPORT Surgical System

Posted on July 15, 2016 by Medtech[y] Staff

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Source: Titan Medical

Earlier this week, Titan Medical Inc. (TSX: TMD) (OTCQX: TITXF), which is focused on the design and development of the SPORT™ Surgical System, a surgeon controlled robotic platform for minimally invasive surgery, provided an update on recent operational progress.

“We achieved our key milestone for the second quarter ended June 30th with the initiation of usability and human factor studies for the SPORT system,” said John Hargrove, Chief Executive Officer. “During the past several weeks we have completed several sessions of studies with personnel from independent hospitals in which we have documented and improved the performance of the system during setup, performance of the system during use by the nursing team during operations, and reprocessing between operations. We continue to operate to a timeline that calls for these formative usability studies to be completed by the end of the current year.”

Updated SPORT Video:

SPORT Development Update

“In addition, the entire SPORT development team continues to execute on the several thousand separate line items that comprise our system development timeline,” added Mr. Hargrove. “We currently have more than 10 engineering teams working on the SPORT system, each focused on finishing the design, development and testing of one or more of the many subsystems and their integration. Nearly 30 software engineers are working on 11 different software systems for the SPORT system, each with the goal of developing software that enables reliable, precise performance of the system when activated by the human surgeon as well as provide system feedback on the operating features.

“Electrical engineers are finalizing 10 custom printed circuit boards as well as multiple product engineers are managing vendors and procuring more than 1000 parts required to complete each SPORT system. Our development team also currently includes manufacturing engineers who are providing design inputs for manufacturing and for serviceability of the SPORT system as well as quality engineers ensuring regulatory compliance and driving functional testing, safety compliance and electromagnetic compatibility.”

In other recent developments, Titan Medical has been invited to present and exhibit at the World Robotics Gynecology Congress, sponsored by the American Association of Gynecologic Laparoscopists, to be held on August 5-6 in New York City. In addition, Jasminder Brar, the Company’s Director of Strategic Development and Intellectual Property, was recognized in early July by Intellectual Asset Management (IAM) as a leading intellectual property strategist in the IAM Strategy 300 for the second consecutive year.