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The Medtech[y] Minute - November 11, 2016

Posted on November 11, 2016 by Medtech[y] Staff

Welcome to the Medtechy Minute!

We understand how busy everyone is which is why we decided to curate some of the most relevant and interesting Medtechy conversations from our message boards and package it in one tidy spot.

This week in the Medtechy minute include topics from these boards: How will Trump affect Healthcare, Medtronic employee engagement survey, Stryker sales rep salary, & introducing Nevro as a hot medical device company.

We also pulled two of our popular articles in case you have not had a chance to read them.

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This week on the boards

Titan Medical Message Board - Titan's board has been one of the busiest boards on Medtechy since we started. They've had significant challenges with production of their SPORT robot system in recent years and are now in a cash crunch.

Any rep who has been around since the early 2000's has heard of Titan and may have bought their stock. This thread has a ton of information and also a funny conversation about reps using stock options to buy Titan's stock. 

Let's hope they didn't buy too much. The stock is trading at .34¢.

How will Trump affect Healthcare and the Medical Device Industry? - We are going to stay away from this week's election discussion but a great thread was started on how healthcare will change with President-elect Trump taking over the White House.

Medtronic Employee engagement survey - This is a relatively new discussion but all of the responses are very well thought out. Feel free to add to the conversation if you can.

Stryker Associate Sales Rep Salary - The Stryker board has some great threads but some of the best discussions come from interview candidates asking about the culture and pay at a particular company. Share what you can if you work, or have worked, for Stryker.

New Medical Device Reporting Recommendations for Manufacturers - Earlier this week the FDA released new reporting recommendations for device manufacturers. Take a look at the full document.

Nevro Message Board - We have one of the most comprehensive Nevro boards out there. Stop by and find out what's going on at one of the hottest companies in the medical device industry.

Popular Ticker Articles 

Is sexual wellness startup, Nuelle, the new model for medical device investing? - Ten years ago, if you were to put money on a intimate care device launching out of a top flight medical device incubator, you would've been laughed out of the room. Well, that's exactly what's happened.

Nuelle, a venture backed sexual wellness and intimate care company, was produced by Exploramed, a venture backed medical technology incubator, who are responsible for successes such as AcclarentNeoTract and TransVascular.

5 Great Books For Sales Managers - As sales managers, continuously adapting and testing new ideas while sticking to a process are some of the main challenges in leading a team of people with a variety of skill sets. 

There is no one stop shop in management skills and we've found the best way to succeed is by talking to other successful leaders and reading quality books for inspiration.