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Is Depuy's Attune Knee System Having Loosening Issues?

Posted on July 28, 2016 by Medtech[y] Staff

In the last 3 months, search traffic coming to the Depuy Attune Tibial Loosening thread on the Depuy Synthes board with the search terms, "Depuy Attune Loosening" and "Attune Tibial Loosening" has been a daily occurrence. In our short existence, we know enough to take certain posts on a message board with a grain of salt, but this changes when we you can see others are looking for answers to these specific questions.

Sometimes the quote, "where there is smoke, there is fire" makes sense and other times it does not. At times, rumors can be true and the evidence here points to this being more than message board gossip.

In Johnson & Johnson's most recent earnings release, the company posted a 3.5% growth in their Knee Business and attributed the continued uptake with the Attune Knee System as a reason for their success. 

Increasing sales show the system is performing well for customers intraoperatively, but how are patients responding post-op?

Q2 Medical Device Revenue

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Source: JNJ Earnings Presentation

Depuy Synthes Board Posts

As you can see below, there has been a significant amount of back and forth over the last 5 months and the search traffic to this thread has only increased over that time. 

Attune Message Board

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Could this be typical message board banter? Of course. 

What are you seeing out there? Are you a surgeon, rep or patient? Stop by the "Depuy Attune Tibial Loosening" thread on the Depuy Synthes board and share what's really going on.